The Mayans

a web page by Ruby Howard



A Mesoamerica civilisation that lived from 250BC to 909AD.

They lived in Central America.


social pyramid

They had city states, each had it's own ruler and their city was surrounded by farms. They had a social pryramid. At the top were the kings. Next came nobles and priests, then menchants, then farmers and peasants. Last of all came slaves.


Cities had lots of different buildings that included huts, ball courts, temples and palaces. All of them where decorated in glyphs.


It was very important to them. They had lots of gods that they worshiped. They did worshiped in there nearest temple to them. They belived that priests could connect with the gods. They sacrificed peaple to keep the gods happy.

mayan life

There were lots of jobs that were important. Farmers grew all the food for their city. Homes were made out of clay, mud and straw. Peaple made there own clothing.


There was a lot of drought in the time of Mayans. They grew corn so when there was a drought the corn dies. But when there is a rainy season the corn grows again. The god that makes rain is called Chac.

the fall

No one really knows what happend to the Mayans. They might have got a virus from the conquistadors that invaded them or maybe they were killed by drought.